Greenwich International Film Festival announces full film slate

THE MULBERRY BUSH | Director: Neil LaBute

On a beautiful fall day in Central Park, two strangers share a bench and strike up a conversation. As the conversation of pleasantries turns personal, it becomes evident that this was no chance encounter. Director and writer, Neil LaBute, exposes one man’s fury over a relationship that will undoubtedly cross a line and turn tragic.

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NY Times Review | THE MULBERRY BUSH (NY Premiere) | by Neil LaBute

"The men in Mr. LaBute’s morally complex “The Mulberry Bush,” like Peter and Jerry in Edward Albee’s classic one-act “The Zoo Story,” are strangers in a park. Their meeting is not accidental, though it appears that way at first to quiet, distinguished-looking Bill (Victor Slezak), who often eats lunch on a secluded bench. Younger and seemingly lower-class, Kip (J. J. Kandel) has come to accuse Bill — to specify the charge would be a spoiler — and defend his own family."

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Montecito JOURNAL | Montecito's Emerging Movie Makers

In New York, J.J. is both president and producing director at Throughline Artists, a non-profit that produces a theatrical festival at a small theater on East 59th Street between Park and Madison Avenues that has been going on for seven years. His first screen role was as a sentry in the six-time Oscar winner, Hurt Locker, directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

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NY POST Review | THE FURIES | by Neil LaBute

The most nastily satisfying of the bunch is LaBute’s “The Furies,” which unfolds within a self-contained single scene.

Barry (Victor Slezak) has some bad news for his sullen younger lover, Jimmy (J.J. Kandel). He’s facing two people instead of one, though: Jimmy brought his sister, Jamie (Alicia Goranson), to the lunch meeting. “For backup,” he explains. “In case you get all weird on me here.”

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