NY POST Review | THE FURIES | by Neil LaBute

The most nastily satisfying of the bunch is LaBute’s “The Furies,” which unfolds within a self-contained single scene.

Barry (Victor Slezak) has some bad news for his sullen younger lover, Jimmy (J.J. Kandel). He’s facing two people instead of one, though: Jimmy brought his sister, Jamie (Alicia Goranson), to the lunch meeting. “For backup,” he explains. “In case you get all weird on me here.”

This is by the man known for cruel shows like “Fat Pig” and “reasons to be pretty,” so things do get all weird.

I won’t spoil the ending, but “The Furies” peaks with the most berserk three minutes of the entire summer. The play may be the size of a cupcake, but there’s space for a razor blade inside.