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"10 K" World Premiere at Santa Barbara Film Festival

  • Metro 4 Theatre (Theatre 4) 618 State Street Santa Barbara, CA, 93101 United States (map)

Live-Action Shorts: Dramedy

Metro 4 Theatre 4

A diverse selection of comedic and dramatic shorts that contemplate the absurdities and ‘what ifs’ in life

10 K
2017 - USA - 20 min - DIR Neil LaBute - World Premiere
A man and a woman meet on a wooded path. Is it an accident or something planned? Is it the first time or the hundredth?

Chicken / Egg
2016 - UK - 15 min - DIR James D’Arcy - US Premiere
Mark’s a good guy. Kenneth not so much. Mark’s gonna help Kenneth out. Maybe.

Hairpin Bender
2017 - USA - 24 min - DIR Maureen Bharoocha - World Premiere
When Michelle is done with the Los Angeles rat race, she and her fellow comedian friends have one last night out on the town.

2016 - USA - 10 min - DIR Jake Viramontez - US Premiere
In a world in which you disappear without explanation when you speak above 60 decibels, Remy Pointe must face her fears in order to explore what lies in the unknown.

Megan’s Shift
2017 - USA - 10 min - DIR Zeke Farrow - World Premiere
Zeke never should have taken Megan’s shift.

2017 - USA - 6 min - DIR Andrew Rhymer, Jeff Chan - World Premiere
A group of friends implodes while stubbornly pursuing their self-interests on New Year’s Eve.

Writer’s Block
2016 - USA - 9 min - DIR Troy Miller - Featuring jane lynch
Past her prime, a veteran songwriter with writer’s block finds inspiration in a bird that takes up residence outside her home